Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Best Toddler Apps


Team Umi Zoomi Math: Zoom into Numbers
This cute app helps to teach number recognition as well as basic math skills. (Best for older toddlers & pre-schoolers)

Toddler Phone Tap
This is another great number recognition app. Not to mention that it allows them to "call" and dial numbers without actually calling people in your phone.

This app is a video viewing app that blocks inappropriate content so it's safer than handing the phone over to your toddler to view a video on youtube. You can choose an age range, or a specific topic you want & let your child view several videos that fit that criteria, but feel safe knowing that is all they are viewing

Ryanne loves this app because it shows you all the letters in vibrant colors & repeats them aloud. As she learned her letters in school, this has been great reinforcement (but she still has some to learn!)

This app has several typical kid songs that it will either sing to them or let them sing to the music. It is easily Ry's favorite app, hands down.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox
This app has matching & puzzle games & is just plain fun to play. Not speaking from experience or anything ;)

Disney Junior!
This is a fairly new app, but it is great! You can watch any of your (or your child's) favorite Disney junior shows right from the iPhone or iPad.

Toddler Shapes
This is similar to the alphabet app, but lets your little one easily learn their shapes.

These are just a few of our favorite apps that we've discovered along the way. I thought I would share since I'm always on the hunt for great apps.

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