Monday, March 21, 2011

top 2 dream rooms

Taylor is sharing her Top 2 dream rooms this week as they prepare to move to a new house. I thought I would join in on the fun, and share some rooms that I love. 

My dream living room is kind of a mix of the three of these. I want a rustic look, with a massive stone fireplace, wood floors, and leather furniture. I love wood on the ceilings, but I think I want sheetrock walls. I want it to be luxurious, but to be home and to be lived in. 

My dream master bedroom has a built in nursery, later to be used as an office or sitting room, and a fireplace. 

I love the sofa in the bedroom, and dark soothing colors. I want hardwood floors, but a plush rug too. 

What are your dream rooms? 


Kendall said...

Love the cabin look and I love the master bedrooms! I love the neutrals, its so calming.

Caroline said...

Love the rustic look. And the bedrooms are amazing.

Mcclintockb said...

I could make do with any of the above!! Great Picks!!

Sharon said...

I absolutely love that living room! I love that you can see the living room from the 2nd floor and how open every thing is! Not to mention the height from floor to ceiling! Beautiful :)

jennifer yeager said...

I am stopping by from Taylor's, and I just love your rustic living room choices! I hope to one day have something that looks relatively close to those!


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