Tuesday, March 8, 2011

top 2 things I've learned about relationships

1. Your "love tank" must be full. If you haven't read the book 5 love languauges you should read it!! It was seriously revolutionary for me. It is very important to make sure that both of you are feeling loved, and getting what you need out of the relationship. Trey and I have always gotten along, and have never really been the arguing type (Don't get me wrong, we disagree, but we don't argue) but there were times when I didn't feel loved and appreciated. After I learned how to feel that way, and how to keep him feeling loved it was just wonderful. I grew up never seeing parents who loved each other, and it is so amazing to me the way that he is always there for me!

2. Trust is crucial. If you don't have trust, what do you have? My husband works a schedule where is frequently away from home at night, but it works for us. I trust that he is faithful, and he trusts that I am faithful. It is so important to know that you can depend on one another when push comes to shove. You should be able to turn to your significant other with anything. I see too often (not judge-y, just observations) people voicing their marital problems or arguments through facebook, etc. I just don't understand it. If you can't tell him/her what's going on, WHAT IS GOING ON? I turn to Trey with everything and that is such a blessing.

*If you're looking for my Project Life (365) post, I'm waiting until next week to post so that I can change my schedule to Sunday through Saturday to make it a little easier for me to keep up with those posts.

1 comment:

Alicia said...

I completely agree with this ENTIRE post! Although, sometimes relationships don't come easy, it's something that has to be worked at. Just like you reading that book, after you read it, you had to work at changing how you fulfilled Trey.


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