Monday, March 14, 2011

top 2 random facts about me

1. I'm an only child but I have 4 siblings. Huh? My parents were divorced while I was still an infant, and both remarried. (Actually both have now been married 3 times each). My mom has 3 kids, Kelsey who is 17, Dustin who is 15, and Megan who is 11. My Dad has one boy name Hunter who is also 15. Hunter and Dustin are less than a month apart which is kind of strange to explain sometimes. 
2. I'm addicted to popcorn. Like I eat it at least once daily. I pour on the butter, and a savor every bite. Orville Redenbacker's ultimate butter is the best. But if I don't have that, I'll just melt butter and pour it on top of another brand. I'm sure that is really good for my arteries and my weight loss goals. Amen. 


Caroline said...


Britt said...

Great Blog! Newest follower!
I have a 20 month old too and I have no full blood siblings either!
A step-sister, a half-sister, and an adopted sister!

kit said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE popcorn too, but unfortunately it sometimes makes my stomach hurt (I am allergic to corn)!

Dianne said...

Thanks so much for inducing a popcorn craving... I've never tried that specific type but I'm going to have to now!

Aleasa said...

yup. now i want popcorn.

dropping by from top two tuesday!

Christine said...


I have 7 siblings. Only one is full, and one is half. The others are step. So I totally know what you're talking about! (it's always entertaining to try and break down the family tree for others)



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