Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Motherhood vs. Statistics, Round 1

Life can get pretty hectic sometimes. The windows are open, with a warm breeze blowing through the house. Trey is folding laundry (I know, he's perfect, right?). Ryanne is running around the house like usual with all the energy of a coal powered steam engine on steroids.

I have a test to take for on of my classes. Because of the timing of the test's opening and closing and the way our schedule fell that day, I had no chance to do it while Ry was sleeping. So I'm about to brave a statistics exam with the toddler terrorizing the house and the dog furiously barking at the neighbors. Simple enough, right?

Me, "Trey can you please watch Ryanne for a few minutes. I have an exam I need to take."

Trey, "Okay babe. Just bring her in here and close the door. I'll watch her."

Me, " Okay. Here's her juice, and she has some goldfish on the table."

I wander back to the computer with much enthusiasm determination. I open the exam and get three questions into it. I'm reading, "What is the z-score of this data set?" My mind reverts back to the greek language we've been studying in that class.

Suddenly I feel a warm hand on my arm. Ryanne starts to bang on the keys of my laptop until the exam disappears as I try desperately to stop her. The test vanished. I look down to see that she has taken her diaper off, and has been streaking through the house. There is pee on my floor.

There is pee on my floor.

"Trey!" I yelled emphatically. No answer.

I stomped into the bedroom. "Trey!" He's asleep. Asleep.

Ryanne starts chattering, "Trey, Trey, Trey, Trey"

"Trey, hi! Trey, bye! Trey. Trey. Trey. Trey"

Lovely. Statistics exam successfully failed. Pee on my floor. And the toddler has now taken to calling her Dad by his first name. Heck, at least she knows his name if she ever gets lost in grocery store.

Because her Dad fell asleep.

Oh, the joys of motherhood! 


Katie said...

Oh no! So sorry about the failed test and eek on the taking the diaper off!

aliciamarie911 said...

Oh my. I seriously almost peed my pants from laughing so hard at this post. I know I shouldn't laugh because one day that will be me failing a test and cleaning pee off the floor, but it's too cute! I am sorry about your exam though. Have you tried contacting your professor about what happened?

Katie said...

This is just too funny and frustrating all at the same time. I have had days like that and just throw my hands in the hair and want to give up! But we always seem to push through it. Maybe you can talk to someone about retaking the test or doing make up work (if it is even available). Maybe Ryanne will do something similar to Trey and he will know what it feels like :). Revenge is great, right?


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