Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I'm Loving . . .

I'm loving . . . that I got accepted into UAMS's college of nursing! I'm now counting down the days until June 1 so I can get on with it.

I'm loving . . . that in less than a month, Trey and I will have our 3rd anniversary! It is so crazy that we have already been married three years. It seems like we just got married yesterday.

I'm loving . . . this boy's burp cloth set that I found on Etsy. I can't wait to use it one day, hopefully soon! 

I'm loving . . . this adorable necklace, also from Etsy, *hint hint* Trey, because you know Anniversary, Mother's Day ; ) 

I'm loving . . . that Ashley is working on something super special for me, that y'all will hear more about later. 

I'm loving . . . these herringbone TOMS, only problem is that I can't find them anywhere, but I am on a mission. 
I'm loving . . . that there are just a few short weeks left in this semester. I can see the light!! 

I'm loving . . . these new yellowbox sandals I discovered yesterday. 

What are you loving today? 


Kit said...

Great things that you are loving today! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! Congrats on your 3 year anniversary!

Jillian said...

Love that necklace and yay for getting into the nursing college!!

Raven said...

Happy almost 3 year anniversary! I'm also loving that etsy find, would look so cute on my boys!

Greer's Gossip said...

I love those TOMS. We are celebrating our 3 year anniversary in April as well! Congrats on getting accepted to nursing school!

Bec@littlelucylu said...

Just stopping over from What I'm Loving Wednesday ...
CUTE blog!
And I love that bib and burp cloth! :-)
Stop over for a visit if you get a chance!

Lacey Hix said...

I am soo with you on the Herringbone Toms! I went on a vigorous search a couple months ago...they were a limited edition this Winter! I found some at Gene Lockwoods (If your shoe size happens to be a 5!) The only other place I could find them was eBay...for $80...I


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