Thursday, July 21, 2011

Our Love Story: Part 1

"Delivery for Leah" the lady chimed as she brought a gorgeous bouquet of orange roses into the lobby of the bank.

Who in the world are these from? I thought to myself as I set them questionable down beside my computer and went back to cashing checks.

As soon as I could catch a breath from the Friday madness, I snuck into the bathroom with the card to read it to myself.

"Please go out with me? - Trey" it read. Ha! I laughed and blushed all at the same time.

Trey and I had shared many of the same teachers since he moved to town in the third grade, and I never really noticed his existence until junior high. He was a nice guy, but dating him or anyone for that matter was the last thing on my mind.

I dismissed the flowers only after giving him a courteous thanks, and went on about my life. The next week there were more flowers. He brought me sonic sweet tea. (Genius, right?) He brought me chocolates. He even brought the ladies I work with small gifts in an effort to coerce them to his side as I continued to deny his date requests.

Finally, one of the girls I worked with talked me into agreeing to go on a date with him. One date. I made him promise he'd leave me alone after that. Boy, did I not know what was coming.

You can read about our first date here.

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