Friday, November 18, 2011

18 Weeks, Take 2

Baby Milestones: Baby is about 5.2 in long, and 5 oz. Baby's weight will almost double over the next three weeks, and baby will begin to form fat.

Weight Gain: I think I'm standing at a loss of 19 pounds total. I've gained 2 pounds now according to my scale, but it never matches what the doctor's says. 

Clothes: I'm still wearing mostly normal clothes, but a few pair of my jeans are getting uncomfortable around my belly. 

Gender: A week from today we'll know!  

Movement: I can definitely feel the baby moving around now. When I'm still at night I love to just feel he or she wiggling around. 

Sleep: I'm sleeping well still. I'm ready for the exhaustion to go away. Or maybe that's just a side effect of the toddler? 

What I miss: Raw cookie dough. I know, bad, right? But I was making cookies earlier & really wanted to eat a big spoonful. 

Cravings: Fruit, lots and lots of fruit.

Symptoms: My nausea has improved greatly, and I'm pretty much symptom free right now. 

Best Moment this week: Ryanne kissing her baby "broder" She's convinced that I'm having a boy ; ) 

1 comment:

The Branches said...

You look great and I can't wait to hear what you are having YAY!!!!


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