Monday, November 28, 2011

Name Game

Baby Brother's name is . . . . 

Drake James

Trey and I have both loved the name Drake for years, and James is the name of both of my grandfathers so we decided to honor them with his name. 

And just for fun . . . 
Big sister cheesing for the camera :) 

She cooked Thanksgiving dinner for us ; ) 

And I'm so glad to have the Christmas tree up and decorated. It makes life happier in its own little way. 


Timsha Coleman said...

Love your tree, it turned out gorgeous!

Ashley said...

LOVE the name Drake!! :)

Mrs. Confident said...

LOVE the name and LOVE the tree. What kind of ribbon is that? So pretty the way it poofs like that. =)


Jennifer said...

Love his name and I love your tree!


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