Tuesday, February 21, 2012

31 weeks

Drake is certainly growing . . . you know, in case you couldn't tell. Seems like daily some jerk kind, concerned citizen feels the need to tell me that I look like I will pop any day. At my last appointment, my stomach grew an extra cm again. Can I tell you I'm rather concerned about the process of birthing this child? Ryanne was almost 23in long, and well I'm scared. Ha!

I gained 4 lbs at my last appointment, but honestly I have no clue what that puts me at. Around 15, I think? I'll have to ask tomorrow. There are just better things to do than remember how much weight you've gained. Can I get an amen? ; )

I'm loving my blue maternity jeans (Thanks, Sarah for picking them up for me!) and living in leggings as much as possible.

I'm addicted to fruit & anything salty. I pretty much walk around the house with an apple and a bag of pretzels non-stop.

Tomorrow is my first three week appointment, and then I'm sure we'll move quickly to two week appointments. This is flying by!!


aliciamarie911 said...

Wow! 31 weeks already? I cannot believe how fast it has gone by! Speaking of fruit, I bought a seedless watermelon yesterday, so I should probably go and cut it up because it sounds soooo good right about now!

Mateya said...

You seriously look amazing for 31 weeks!

The Anglin Family said...

You look super cute. I want colored jeans! Cant wait to birth this baby, ha!
It's almost here! He will be here shortly after Miss SB gets here:) and Oh em Gee Ryanne was almost 23 inches long? Wowza:-)

Lily said...

Brilliant and just darling!



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