Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Drake Update

I keep procrastinating because I don't have a good picture, but I want to remember the details so here it is!

I'm 28 weeks (and a day). Drake is measuring at about 30.5 weeks. Apparently, I will birth another toddler. We shall see. Good news is I only gained 4 pounds. Considering the amount of chocolate icing & popcorn I've eaten in the last 4 weeks, I'll call that a grand accomplishment.

Drake's heart rate is always steady in the 130s, which I'm hoping will be a refreshing change from my wired little girl who was always in the 160s.

He's so super low in my belly. It's a big adjustment from Ryanne who rode in my rib cage the entire pregnancy. I was talking on twitter about needing a support belt. Yes, I just said that. I always laughed & swore I'd never wear one but I fear I'm about to eat my words. Feel free to share any recommendations!

We bought the paint for his nursery, the paint for his furniture, and his crib too. His bedding has been ordered & I'm counting the days until it comes in! I'm so excited to put it together.

It's so unreal to think that 2 months from Saturday, I'll have a full term baby in my belly!! This pregnancy has certainly flown by.

This is my "view for the day" of my belly, you know because I was too lazy to get off my rear and take a picture while standing. 


Lacy said...

Can't wait to see baby Drake..

LOVE your view today!! :)

Katie said...

Those heart rates sound similar to what my babes were girls were both in the 150-160 range and Micah was always much lower.


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