Wednesday, January 4, 2012

24 Weeks, Take 2

This picture is a few days old. I totally forgot before I left this morning to take one, and by the time I got home, I just wanted to crawl in bed. So that's what I did ; ) I'll update this to a current picture tomorrow.

Drake looked excellent at the doctor!! My stomach as grown 6 cm since last appt so now it's measuring 2 cm ahead of what it should be. My blood pressure was perfect, and his sweet heart beat was between 138-150. Next month I have my glucose screening, and it's my last 4 week appointment. That is so crazy to me!! 

Baby Milestones: Baby is about 11.8 in long, and 1 lb, 7 oz. The air sacs of the lungs are forming, and hair is beginning to grow longer on his head. (That is providing that he actually has hair unlike his sister)

Weight Gain: I'm up to 6 pounds gained so far. 

Clothes: I bought my first {ever} maternity pants (I rocked the belly band when I was pregnant with Ry) and I'm in love. I might just wear them non-stop. After I give birth.

Gender: It's a boy!! Drake James!

Movement: He is quite the kicker lately. His kicks are much stronger than Ryanne's were, but less frequent.

Sleep: Sleep is pretty much typical of my non-pregnant self now. Occasionally, I need a nap. I did notice the beginnings of leg cramps the other day, so I'm sure sleep will soon start to fade.

What I miss: Remember when I said I miss raw cookie dough? I discovered egg free cookie dough via the pinterest and helped myself to a bowl full a couple nights ago. So I'm pretty much missing nothing right now. I would say caffeine, except I'm most certainly not on a caffeine hiatus like I was when pregnant with Ryanne. Forgive me, Drake, but your sister requires much energy from Momma!

Cravings: Fruit, cookie dough {see above}, and white chocolate covered pretzels. The latter may have been a side effect of Christmas and not so much one of pregnancy, however.

Symptoms: My belly is growing :)

Best Moment this week: Teaching Ryanne about Drake & watching her interact with and kiss my belly. I hope she loves him as much when he's here rocking her world as she does right now.


Katie said...

You look adorable! I miss the cute little baby belly stage... I'm now in the hugely massive belly stage ha! At least that means the end is super close!

Lindsay said...

Maternity pants are awesome, well some if them anyway. :)


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