Saturday, January 14, 2012


  • I have no motivation to clean or organize or finish getting my house ready to house 4 people instead of 3. I'm hoping it will kick in sometime . . . maybe. 
  • I cleaned out my car last week for the first time in months. There may or may not have been some life form growing in it. 
  • Brushing Ryanne's teeth is my least favorite part of bedtime. 
  • I just used a chi hair straightener for the first time in my life (that I remember) this past week, and it was pretty amazing. I'm kind of excited to have one in my life now. 
  • There are days that I lock myself in the bathroom & pretend to shower just to get some peace. 
  • I got some gray Ugg cardys for Christmas and I'm pretty sure that I've worn them at least a little while every day since then. I may be addicted. Next on my list are a pair of the slippers! 
  • I need new make-up. Very badly. Any suggestions are welcome. I've worn the same stuff for years, but it's just not doing it for me anymore. 
  • I can't believe that I am "adult" much less that I am about to have two kids. It just blows my mind. Does anyone else feel that way? Like what made you qualified to be a grown up? Ha!
  • We played outside this afternoon with the back door open for about an hour. Why? Because it was 60+ degrees. In almost February. Insaneness! 
  • I want to re-do my bedroom. Considering that I'll have a newborn in a few months, it probably won't happen though. Not to mention we haven't been in our house even two years yet. Oops. 

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Niki said...

makeup... I love benefit theyre real mascara, Laura mercier concealer and tinted moisturizer. Clinique/bare minerals blush or bronzer. None of this is the cheap stuff, but it's all the best I have found. I do usually use cheap eye shadow/liner when I wear it. Usually ELF brand.


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