Monday, January 2, 2012

Five Halves

What in the world is our 2 1/2 year old up to?

For starters, she's towering above most kids her age at 38 inches tall and weighing in at 34 pounds. Most of her clothes are now 3T, with a few 4T things.

She loves to pray in a quiet, shy voice that I only dream of hearing any other time of day.

Big girl bed status is official now. Most days are terrific. She's been in it for several months and we have our occasional nap time battles, but overall she's done well with the conversion. If only I could finish the design change . . .

Homer Horse, Connie Cow, Dexter Donkey and the like have taken over our conversations. See a trend? Her school teaches phonics with these clever names. So now every animal has its own alliteration of a name.

Lion King, Ice Age, and Charlotte's Web are a few of her favorite movies. She loves to sing Hakuna Matata & picked up on her new favorite phrase "Don't you understand?" courtesy of Nala.

Sassy Susan has definitely made a stop at our house lately, but they say that stubbornness leads to success later in life, right? Crossing my fingers!!

Her vocabulary has taken over our lives at this point and become practically limitless. There are days I wonder why I ever wanted her to talk more ;)

She loves to kiss Mommy's belly button and give Drake love since he's "stuck in there" I sure hope she loves her brother as much once he joins her world.

This age is more challenging that dividing with fractions (did anyone ever really figure that out?) but is so entertaining and fun too. Ryanne's personality is {mostly} sweet, outspoken, and sensitive and watching her grow gets more fun with each day. Or maybe I just get more excited for the terrific threes each day ;) Time will tell . . .

PS. . . You may've noticed she's picked up a lovely new "cheese" face that entails closing her eyes and grinning goofily. That face? Can go away any time it chooses and it would not hurt my feelings. 


TerinAleah said...

What a cutie pie!! :)

Just the Two of US said...

She's sooo adorable! Hope you all had a great new year!

Just the Two of US said...
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