Thursday, April 19, 2012

Drake at 39 Weeks

  • Drake is still growing. My belly is still measuring ahead, and his heart rate looks great. 
  • I'm back to gaining weight which ironically makes me feel a little better about him still cooking. I gained 3 pounds this past week, which puts me back to 17 pounds. 
  • We were going to schedule an induction this week, but labor and delivery was booked for elective deliveries, so we'll discuss that again next week if he hasn't come on his own before then. 
  • I was "about the same" according to Dr. D this week so apparently he's just too comfortable in there!
  • I'm getting more and more excited to meet him with each passing day and can't wait to see Ryanne's reaction to him. I'm sure it will melt my heart. 
  • In the same breath, I'm getting more and more terrified of actually handling this on my own. Ooi! 
  • We've gotten a little bit more accomplished on Drake's nursery, but I'm still waiting on a few fun final touches before I share pictures. I'm happy to have it functionally done though now. 


Mateya said...

You look great! Glad things are still going well. Hoping he decides to come out on his own soon! :)

The Java Mama said...

You are so little and cute! I can't wait to see little baby boo Drake!!! woohoo! The end is near!

Jillian said...

You are SOOO cute!!


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