Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ryanne's Third Birthday Party

We celebrated Ry's 3rd birthday party this evening. She is obsessed with my little pony, so her party was of course full of cheesy my little pony decor :) 

Ry's sweet Nana made cupcakes because Ry *needed* strawberry "cake" and the cake was already vanilla. 

We got Ry her first bicycle and took her out this afternoon to ride it. She was elated. (I promise her hair is not always in her face, but no matter how hard I try the bows/clips/ponytails always come out) 

Apparently steering the bicycle is hard work & takes lots of concentration

I got annoyed with the plastic tablecloth, so I used an old blue sheet for the tablecloth & made a bow with the pink one. I'm not sure if that qualifies as ingenuitive or? We'll just go with ingenuitive. 

This is one of her current lovely fake smile faces. 

I think she was up to something. I just haven't figured out what it was yet . . . 

Ry and her sweet best friend, Kynlee. I never really had a good friend as a (young) child so it's so special to me for her to. She is always talking about her "sister Kynlee" 


Jenna said...

What a cute party! I love her cake!

Jenna said...
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