Friday, December 11, 2009

My Precious Baby Girl Turns 5 (Months)

I can't believe that five months have passed so quickly. Five months ago today we brought you home for the first time. We have now enjoyed your precious eyes and smile for somewhere close to five months. You take pride in chewing on your little toes. You roll over, but only when you're angry. Grampy fed you strawberry ice cream (Dang it!) for the first time earlier this week, and BOY did you love it! You threw quite the temper tantrum when you didn't get it fast enough to suit your desires. You must take after your mom with your impatience. Poppa would be proud that you like strawberry ice cream. You still are not fond of laying on your tummy, but hey who is? What a chore it is. However, I'm not sure how you expect to learn to crawl when tummy is forbidden. Maybe you will just skip straight to walking. Today you finished your very first round of antibiotics. You're five months old and mommy has already failed to protect you from the germs of the outside world. Oh well, you're better now so I suppose it's okay.

What else are you up to my little five month old? Well, we still have no teeth. Carrots are your favorite, but you've also discovered the wonderful blueberries and apples combo. You're not much on veggies, but I certainly don't blame you. As you learn to love and understand your mommy - you'll know I detest them as well. Ahem, I mean I love vegetables. You should eat them. They're good for you. RIGHT. I thoroughly believe steak and potatoes provides all essential nutrients, but I digress. You are growing so fast. Your beautiful hair is starting to be visible and looks like you will finally have more than just my eyes - you just might share my hair as well. I'm glad to see that maybe you are related to me after all given the torture I subjected my body to in order to meet you. Anyway, precious girl, I love you and can't believe it's already been five months but I also don't remember life before you or fathom what it would be like without you. You're my world.

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