Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rocker Baby!

Trey and I had been thinking about getting Ry a rocking chair for her birthday, but wondered if she would like it. This past Sunday, we let her play in a baby rocking chair at Trey's grandparents. Oh my, did she ever like it! I thought she was not going to get out of it, or if she did it would be from rocking so hard she fell out. It was hilarious! I just love watching her learn new things and grow.

On another note, earlier this week I turned it my two week notice at work to pursue my college degree full time. I will so much enjoy having more time with Ry, but I look forward to working full force toward a career as well. I am working toward becoming a medical dosimetrist. UAMS only takes 4 people per year - so say a prayer for me!!

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