Tuesday, June 15, 2010


This past Sunday was an important day in our lives. Ryanne was the fourth generation of my husband's family to be Christened at Roe Methodist Church. It was really a wonderful experience.

Before Sunday, I had many reservations about the whole process. But I'm glad that we decided to do it. As I stood there with Ry in front of the Church, I simply could not imagine my life without her or before her. Before Sunday, I felt very defeated. Very much like I was never going to get anywhere that I wanted to go. There are many days that I feel unsatisfactory because I'm not where I think I should be in my career (or lack of one). God showed me how wrong I was looking at things. I have a beautiful new home, and a wonderful husband and the most precious baby girl. And now, Thank God, I have the opportunity to not work full time so that I can devote my time to finishing school and reaching for that career I used to dream of.

Here are some pictures from Ry's Christening. Enjoy.

 My little Family!
While Ry is Being Christened
Ry with Bro. Joe
Us with Trey's grandparents
Us with Trey's Parents
Us with Uncle Alex
Trey and I with My Fam

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