Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Big O

Organization. What did you think I was talking about?

Organization has a special place in my heart, right next to chocolate and my first born.

Several of the blogs I read have shared their home organization notebook, and I thought the idea was just brilliant. Probably the biggest challenge for me is keeping our house clean, because I'm not organized enough to do it. Insert home organization notebook: i.e. brilliant idea to keep things that are presently scattered throughout the house in one lovely place.

My binder is just a plain black binder for the time being, mainly because I couldn't find a lovely one to use. So I made this cover sheet to spice it up a little bit.

 I made these 5 tabs bigger because they will be most frequently used. Oh, and because I accidentally bought two different types of tabs. Ha! They are daily, chores, food, Bible, and nursing.
These are less frequently used tabs: Ryanne, projects, finance, gifts, blog, party, vacation, and notes.

 In the daily tab, I have this week at a glance chart to include things to do so I can see what I have to do for the week, as well as keep up with activities.
This to-do list is behind the week at a glance. I love it because it works for each week well. I can do daily to dos and cross them off as I finish, as well as weekly and weekend to dos. I also like that it has a delegate spot so I can can donate part of my list to Trey : ) 

In the chores tab, I have a weekly view of the chores to keep me on top of my not-so-expert housekeeping. I know making beds seems rather obvious, but that is my one weakness & I know it will help to physically cross it off each day. 

 I also have this weekly chore checklist to remind me of things I may forget. I can check them off throughout the week as I finish them.
In the food tab, I have this weekly meal planner with an attached grocery list so I can make sure to have all the ingredients when I plan for the week. Behind it, I have a favorite recipes list as well as a large grocery checklist. I'm debating putting a pantry/freezer inventory in here as well. I also have a page protector that I slide recipes into for the week if it is not something I know well. 

In the Bible verses tab, I list verses that speak to me, that I want to remember, or that I know I need help with so I pray them for myself (like this one; I feel like a failure wife most days while I'm in school)
In the nursing tab, I have this weekly planner worksheet to lay out assignments, things to print, when my lectures are, and the like. Obviously, I'm out of school right now so it will blank for the next two weeks : ) 

 In Ryanne's tab, I list things that she says or does that I want to remember as well as questions I may have for her doctor, or things I need to remember to do for her.

In the projects tab, I'm listing things that I have working like organization projects, planning a yard sale, Church outings, etc.
In the finance tab, I have this worksheet to list all of our bills, their due dates, and to check off when they are paid. I also got a zipper pocket to put actual bills and a checkbook in to keep up with them easier. I also included a financial goals worksheet to help us reach our future goals. 

 In the gifts tab, I have this worksheet to keep up with occasions & gift ideas. I also have a birthday checklist, a Christmas gift idea list, and a black friday shopping list (yes, I like to plan ahead!).

In the blog tab,  I have this weekly planner to use to list my ideas for blog posts, as well as any photographing or other things I need to accomplish for a post. 

In the party tab, I have this party planning worksheet to help plan cookouts/holiday gatherings and the like. I also have an extensive birthday planning worksheet to help plan for next year's 3rd birthday party. Oh my word! Did I just say that? 
 In the vacation tab, I have a few copies of this vacation planning worksheet to help keep up with ideas and plans as we prepare for vacations.

Just having this notebook finished makes me feel so much more organized. I really think it will be revolutionary in my accomplishment of tasks. Ha! I need structure, and this will definitely do the trick.


Our Baby "D" said...

I'm working on my binder too! I can't find a financial/budget worksheet that I like...where did you find the one with the monthly check-offs?

Lacey said...

Where did you get that bill check list with the months? I emailed the lady from Etsy about ordering one, but haven't heard back from her. I like the one you have.


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