Friday, August 5, 2011

Blogging Tips

Not that I am a blogging expert or anything, because I am constantly learning in this world, but I just wanted to share a few of the vital tips I've learned throughout my blog career.
  • Keep your blog looking "neat and clean." The text should be easy to read, and it should not be overly cluttered. Old posts should be easily accessible.
  • Add a search button. For the love of all things bloggy, add a search button. I have deleted blogs from my reader before because they don't have a search button. Not that anyone cares, but it is of vital importance. If I can't find something I've already read, but want to see again I want to be able to find it. 
  • Add connect buttons to your blog. People want to know more about you! Do you have twitter or a facebook page? Add a way for people to connect with you there.
  • On the same note, add share buttons. Sometimes I read awesome posts and I want to tell all my friends about them. Unfortunately, I'm not motivated enough to hunt down the link, and move it to twitter or facebook. If you have a share button, you better believe I'm going to share it though. 
  • Comment. Comment. Comment. One of the most amazing things about blogging is the community that you build. It's like a whole new world of "virtual" friends, but you have to make the first step! Reach out and tell people how much you love their blog. Most people will reciprocate. Or at least come read your blog.
  • Don't be afraid to speak your mind. I find many people (including myself) apologizing for saying things that they think could be interpreted as offensive. It's YOUR blog. Don't be afraid to say what is on your mind. 
  • Be careful. Don't share too much information. If you wouldn't want it on the front page of the metro newspaper, or on, don't put it on your blog. I've had too many blog friends be stalked, harassed, or bothered so please be careful what you share on your blog.
  • Make a blog notebook. Write down your ideas. I find that I come up with tons of ideas, but I often forget them or can't remember when I sit down to blog. So I got a notebook that I carry around with me and I jot down ideas as I think of them, so I can blog about them when I have time. 


Linds said...

I like your idea of a blog notebook-- might have to steal that one :)

Rachel said...

Great and practical tips!

Amanda said...

Oooh...the blog notebook. I like that, too. So many ideas pop into my mind in the middle of the night after a child has woken me up...then the idea is gone by morning:)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What wonderful ideas! I agree that a blog notebook is a great idea! I have one, but you reminded me that I need to use it.

Katie said...

I like the notebook idea! I've tried to use the notes on my iphone but writing is easier than typing on the phone! The problem will be keeping the notebook from the kids lol - they took over my last attempt at a notebook in my purse.


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