Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's Still Me!

Don't worry, it's still me! Don't you love the new design? Jenn from Munchkin Land Designs had a contest on twitter a little while back and I won. I was so excited to work with her and get a new design.

A few of her recent designs. See more here

I've had my eye on a new design for a while, but with everything going on in our lives right now, I couldn't force myself to spend the money so I was so THRILLED when I won her contest. PS: She normally does a contest about once a month so be sure and follow her on twitter. But if you just can't wait, go check out her website and all of the awesome designs she has. She is great to work with, and super speedy especially considering the four kiddos she has to wrangle as well.

*Jenn didn't ask me to say any of this, but I just love her stuff so much I thought I would share the love* 


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