Thursday, May 12, 2011

Behind the scenes

One reason we struggle with insecurity: We’re comparing our behind-the-scenes to everyone else’s highlight reel.” Steven Furtick

Several of my friends shared this quote and a behind the scenes look into their lives, so I thought I would play along. I read so many blogs that seem to be "perfect" but in reality no one is, and it's nice to be reminded that we are all human every once in a while. 

  • My laundry rarely ever actually gets put away after being washed and before being worn again. And for that matter, I typically wear jeans and some shirts if they're not obviously dirty several times before washing them. I'm conserving our resources, y'all! ; ) I watched Trey sorting the laundry the other day, and he's sniffing stuff to decide whether it needs to be washed or not. I died. haha! 
  • My kitchen is rarely ever completely clean. My dishes will sit in the dishwasher clean for days because I hate putting them away. 
  • My office "files" are more like piles. I try to file things regularly but usually it ends up being once a year or twice if I'm lucky. 
  • I always buy the exact.same.things at the grocery store, but they're usually not things I need. I think I have close to 40 cans of corn, cream of mushroom soup, and rotel in my cabinets. Why do I do that?? 
  • I have giant baskets in every room of the house for Ryanne's toys. When I get tired of cleaning, random other things get thrown in the basket and covered by toys. Because I'm cool like that. 
  • My bed gets made about once a month, maybe. And that is usually when the sheets have been pulled off the bed and I have to make it to rearrange the sheets again. 
  • I use regular household cleaners. You know the ones with bleach and chemicals. 
  • My car looks like a dumpster exploded in it about 98.76% of the time, but really it was just from a rambunctious toddler wreaking her havoc on it. Oh, and I usually have at least 3 changes of clothes in there. 
  • My trip last month was probably the first time I've worn make up 3 days in a row in over a year. 
  • I let Ryanne play outside in her diaper more often than I'd like to admit. And I rarely remember to put sunscreen on her. 


Ashley said...

I do atleast half of those! ha! I would have to add "if you show up unannounced at my house more than likely i will be braless with greasy hair" lol!

Heather aka: The StepMomster said...

I am the same way... I never put laundry or dishes away... I wear my jeans at least twice before washing and normally I will were the same outfit to church on sunday that I wear to to work on Monday! Thanks for your honesty! It make me feel better... Glad to not be alone!

~Heather AKA The StepMOMster

Jillian said...

Okay, I'm glad we have the laundry thing in common:) and Em plays outside in her diaper too:)

trooppetrie said...

thanks for being honest, you can be my friend any time. One time my husband came home from a deployment and took the seats out of our van, pulled the drain plugs (never knew they had them) and used a water hose on my carpet. he could not get over how dirty it was.
hey at least we are washing clothes and laundry for them to set in the baskets


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