Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What I'm Loving . . .

I'm loving . . . my new Coach bag that I picked up at the outlet in Allen on our way home from Dallas. 

I'm loving . . . that after today and tomorrow, I will only have one more final (next Wed) before this semester is over and I have 3 short weeks off. But I'm looking forward to the break. 

I'm loving . . . my new white jeans that I got from Urban Outfitters in Dallas! 

I'm loving . . . these super cute shorts from Gap. I'm always on the lookout for longer shorts to keep my butt a secret from the world. haha!

I'm loving . . . this awesome dress from H&M. I'm dreaming that they'll open one near us, or at least start shipping to me. I mean, geez!! 

I'm loving . . . these long shorts from H&M, too. I really need an H&M. haha!! 

I'm loving . . . Trey's grandpa is doing better. They've started talking about when he comes home instead of if he comes home, which is a huge praise. 

I'm loving . . .  that next Wednesday when I post my WILW, I'll be practically done with this semester. Woohoo! Did I mention that I'm excited. This semester has been challenging in many ways, but with His help, I've prevailed and I'm so thankful that it is almost over. 


Lacey said...

Love that Coach bag! And I totally agree about H&M..I fell in love in Philly a couple years ago...only to find out that don't have an online store! Bummer! :)

The Branches said...

So excited you got a coach purse I love it! You got some good stuff while you were here! I had the best time with ya'll! <3 Becky

Shannon said...

Love your new bag too! So cute! I wish we had an H&M too!

Katie K. said...

I really wanted to stop at the outlets in Hillsboro to get a new bag! Yeah about your hubby's grandpa. I wish I could say the same about mine, but I think he is going to have to stay in the nursing home. :(

Galit Breen said...

I love your loves! Woohoo for a school break and seriously? That bag is to die for! XO


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