Thursday, September 23, 2010

Going to the Fair . . .

If you have ever missed an episode of Teen Mom, you can just go to our county fair and catch up on anything you missed. Not to be rude, but I have never been so disappointed in a fair in my life. I suppose something about childhood made it illustrious, but it certainly is no more. Trey and I were so frustrated with it only minutes after arriving that we wound up not even staying to let Ryanne ride and of the rides. However we did go to the parade before the fair, and although we had the same rude people problem there we got some cute pictures of Ryanne and us as well as a handful of the parade.

Ryanne NEEDED to sit in Dad's chair instead of her own. 

 What is going on at the parade, MOM? 

 Fire trucks are Ryanne's favorite. But not because Trey is a firefighter. No, definitely not. 

 My sister and Ryanne

 Trey and I 

My Mom and Ryanne

Megan giving Ryanne a piggy back ride so maybe she could see over the rude children who were blocking her view

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