Friday, September 17, 2010

Show us your life ~ Living Room


I've been reading Kelly's Blog for some time now, so I decided to participate in her show us your life Fridays. Up first is living rooms, so take a peek at mine:

 This is our living room as you walk in the house. (Excuse the clutter in the dining room. With a toddler, it's against the law to have more than one room clean in your house at a time - in case you didn't know.)

This is the view from the dining room and kitchen

And this is from the hallway . . . Disney Playhouse on the TV :) 

Sweet girl loves to look out the windows (and is a juice-a-holic as evidenced by both of her sippy cups)

This is her chair so she can rock :) 

I love this saying! In case you can't read it, it say "When you can't see God's hand, trust his heart"

This was made for me by a friend of my Mom's after my Poppa passed away. He was like a Dad to me, and it is so surreal to imagine him not here, but I know he's watching over us. The poem inside I wrote at the end of his struggle with pancreatic cancer.

This is our TV stand (excuse the cords ~ we just moved in in May, and I'm working on it), the trunk beside us was given to us by my husband's grandparents is great for hiding toys, and the basket by the window also houses toys. Can you tell I have a toddler? 

Thanks for taking a look at our life!!

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