Thursday, October 28, 2010

30 Day BC ~ Regrets!

You know, I can't say that I "regret" anything that I've done. I often thing about if I'd done things differently in life, what would be different. Would I be in a better place? Would I be in a worse place?   
I wonder if I had graduated early, would I be done with college right now? But I wouldn't have had so much time with Trey during our senior year. 
I wonder if I had been more focused when I went to college, if I would've made a "career decision" sooner and wouldn't have spent so much time changing my major in school.

I wonder if I had gone to UT or Baylor what life would be like. I wonder if I had stayed at Fayetteville what life would be like. I wonder about many things, but ultimately I know that each and every decision I have made and everything I've been through makes me who I am today.

AND I wouldn't want to be anybody else :)

This really is a tough subject for me, though. My grandfather, my hero, passed away 2 years ago on Halloween after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. I often wonder if I didn't spend enough time with him, if there was something I could've done to change the outcome. If I had been here instead of at the U of A could I have helped him more? I cherish each and every memory with him, but often wonder if I missed out and regret not spending more time back at home while I was in college.

But at the end of the day, God has blessed me with everything that I need, and it is wonderful to watch him guide my life. "He's still working on me . . . to make me what I ought to be" Okay, excuse the cheese of the kid's song, but it is so true.

He has made everything beautiful in its time. - Ecclesiastes 3:11

1 comment:

Kit said...

I love the verse at the end of your post! So true


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