Monday, October 11, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 1!

Day 1: Introduce and Share 15 Fun Facts! 

*I'm playing catch-up so please bare with me.*

My name is Leah, and I'm mom to Ryanne (and hopefully more babies to come) and wife to Trey. I am currently in nursing school, and hope to soon be a nurse practitioner! Neonatal, or course! My husband rodeos when he has time, and is a firefighter! I grew up on a Walking Horse Ranch and just love being outdoors (when it's not cold) and spending time with my family! 

1. I love Rodeos. And Cowboy Butts in Wranglers. My husband is the love of my life, but sorry dear, God did not bless him "back there" and it's fun to window shop. I promise I won't buy! 

2. I was the Valedictorian (or Distinguished Honor Grad as my school called it, but still #1) of my high school class, and have gone on to realize that it was basically worthless other than for bragging rights!

3. I am a carnivore. The end. No seriously, I love meat: beef, chicken, shrimp, catfish, deer meat - pretty much anything normal. But getting me to eat Veggies (other than potatoes which really don't count) is like pulling teeth. My idea of Veggies are watermelon and cantaloupe. They grow in a garden, people!!

4. I'm not very sensitive. I mean, I'm not heartless, but I'm tough to show emotion. I rarely cry, and I don't fall for the sappy movies. I do have to say though, that when hubs and I watched Life as we Know It this past weekend, I cried. Mainly because it was tough to see a 15 month old orphan when you have a 15 month old. 
 Isn't she totally adorable??

5. I love shopping for furniture! If I was rich, I think I would re-decorate my house monthly. Or at least semi-annually. 

6. I had never been in the hospital (other than my birth obviously) until I gave birth. I had to stay 3 nights. It was a nightmare. But I love my sweet girl, and it was totally worth it!!

7. I played fast pitch softball for like 15 years. I was never any good. 

8. I love math (yes, I know that's totally weird) but I do. Math was usually my favorite subject in school. (Geometry is not my favorite) I took Cal I and II in college for "fun"

9. I want a party barge. I want us to spend our summers at the lake with our kids. I want a lake house, too. I had never been to the lake (on a boat) until college. I can't swim.

10. Trey proposed to me 3 times before I agreed. He had to ask for weeks before I agreed to go on a date with him. Good thing he's persistent!!

11. I lost both of my grandfathers to pancreatic cancer in less than 3 months. 

12. I grew up in a home with 4 kids, and had 4 siblings (until high school) and LOVE the idea of lots of kids. I can't imagine being an only child. I want at least 3 children, God willing, but I would definitely take 5 or maybe even 6. 

13. I love mountain dew, pepperoni, mashed potatoes, and popcorn. A LOT! 

14. My little sister came over for dinner several months ago for the first time since I've had a house and said, "Wow, Sissy, I didn't know you could cook." Thanks? 

15. I have no melanin in my body. Okay, that's probably an exaggeration but seriously. I'm VERY white. I leave you with a family photo. I didn't really have a choice. 
My Mom, my siblings, Ry and I - all with blonde hair and white as can be ; )

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