Monday, February 14, 2011

One Yes

I adamantly shook my head no. No, I would not give into him. No, I was too strong to fall in love. It wasn’t my plan. I couldn’t. If I said it enough times, it had to be true.

I sat smugly on the porch as the summer air blew softly through my hair. I could smell the rugged, sexy scent of his cologne as it wafted slowly downwind. He leaned slowly over and whispered into my ear, “Can I kiss you? Please?” As his strong fingers intertwined with mine, he leaned gently in and kissed me sweetly on the cheek. My stomach fluttered inside. Who knew a kiss on the cheek could make my heart race like hooves pounding into the dirt at the Kentucky Derby?

I stared into his brown eyes longingly, with intent. I could see into his soul. He had spent the last two months trying, begging me to just give him one chance. My refusals grew weaker with each rejection. His persistence only grew stronger. Roses, chocolates, movie tickets, love letters; he had tried it all. His silver truck rolled slowly through the parking lot of the bank I worked at in high school almost daily when he left football practice. He tried something new everyday, each day hoping I would finally agree. Just one yes was all he needed. I had finally given in, and here I sat. All of my body was sitting snuggled next to him, enjoying the crisp night air as we stared softly at the stars together. My heart and my mind were racing. Faster than sound waves, my mind shifted from one thought to the next. How had I given in? How I had backed down from my strong willed promises to myself not to seriously date again until after college? How had a few breaths, a few brief minutes with this boy, this man, turned by soul right-side up so quickly?

Thoughts scrambled through my mind as I swung my feet onto the soft grass. I’m too young to feel this. I’m losing my mind. I can’t do this. I leapt up and sprinted around the corner, acting carefree, wanting him to chase me, knowing there was no running from my feelings this time.

He chased after me like we were on an elementary school playground. His stocky arms wrapped slowly around my feeble waist as he pulled me near to him. His heavy breath fell lightly on my neck.

“What are you doing for the rest of your life?” he asked with romantic conviction.


Did he really just say that? He’s known me for all of the time it takes to cook a bag of popcorn, and he’s practically proposing.

“I’ll have to check my schedule.” I whispered back, sassily.

I played it off as though I had other plans, as though I didn’t feel the exact same thing that was in his heart. I knew it was going to be with him. My life was going to be with this man. My soul felt elated in a way it had never been. My heart raced, yet was gleaming with a new light that could brighten even the darkest days. His glance sent shivers up my spine. It took every ounce of my strength to stand up straight as his hands slowly traced the outline of my face in the moonlight.

Up until this very moment, I never believed in true love. I never believed in love at first sight. I never believed that anyone could just know that they love someone in an instant, and be ready to commit their life to such love.

He leaned in slowly for our first real kiss. His lips touched mine softly but with such passion, and I knew. These strong arms that laid around my waist would rock our babies. Those brown eyes would be the ones I said “I do” to. Those hands would be the ones to work so hard for our future.

One yes, one kiss changed my every dream.

*This post was written as part of a prompt of The Red Dress Club. The prompt was to imagine that after you have died and your daughter/son will be given the gift of seeing a single five-minute period of your life through your eyes, feeling and experiencing those moments as you did when they occurred. What five minutes would you have him/her see? Above all else, I pray my children find the love of God and the undying love of a spouse. I want them to know the love we share.*


Nichole said...

What a beautiful memory to offer your child.
So, so lovely. :)

Adelle said...

Phew! My heart is racing a little bit. That was intense and oh, so romantic! To be pursued like that...what a guy!

I enjoyed this - thanks for linking up!

AndreaLeigh said...

what a special gift! you have a knack for writing. I felt like I was reading a romance novel!

I Thought I Knew Mama said...

Very romantic!

Elena said...

What a great piece showing the love you both have! Always nice to see!

Jack said...

One kiss can be far more powerful than people realize.

Amber Page Writes said...

Yep. I remember a similar moment, in high school, too young to feel what I felt. Beautifully captured!

allbtwnthelines said...

This was so incredibly beautiful and I can so relate! I actually wrote my TRDC about my first kiss with my husband, too.

Rebecca Bany said...

Wow, that's incredibly beautiful!

allbtwnthelines said...

This was so incredibly beautiful and I can so relate! I actually wrote my TRDC about my first kiss with my husband, too.

Nichole said...

What a beautiful memory to offer your child.
So, so lovely. :)

I Thought I Knew Mama said...

Very romantic!


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