Sunday, February 6, 2011

I ignore my child

The way to get an un-fussy baby usually involves letting them fuss. A lot. When you call a friend to talk, and they usually answer, you call more, right? When you call a friend and they never answer, you stop calling, right?

Same. Exact. Concept.

I know that it sounds horrid to say, but unless you want to wipe your 13 year old's butt, or deliver washed laundry to the dorms, you might as well jump on the bandwagon.

Children only learn to be as self sufficient and independent as you make them be.

I can tell you how much I rock at motherhood because my 18 month old washes walls, vacuums, and clips her own toe nails. I don't really rock at motherhood to anybody but her, but I do know that in order for her to do things on her own, I have to teach her.

I don't throw her trash away. I don't run across the room to get her juice for her when she can do it. I don't rescue her plate from the dog. I don't do everything she wants, and I don't do everything for her. It doesn't matter if she makes a small huge mess in the process, I'm teaching a concept.

When she throws a kicking, screaming, brutal fit. I IGNORE HER. I leave the room if I have to. I promise a toddler (or any child's) endurance is longer than mine if she knows she's getting to me.

I'm all about efficiency. If I don't plan on doing it when she's 7, I'm not doing it now. Obviously I don't let her cut up apples all the time.
Rocking - NO
Running to her cries - NO
Letting her have her way - NO

It's tough listen to her cry, I know. I hated listening to her cry in her bed at only a few months old, but now I love the fact that she sleeps 12-14 hours a night. I love that I put her to bed and she goes to sleep  without my help. When she unloads the dishwasher and puts all the silverware in the drawer, my heart smiles inside.

I love having a baby, but I know that she won't always be a baby. And I don't want to have a 13 year old baby.

1 comment:

Melanee said...

leah, you are a woman after my own heart. makes me smile. if i ever think i'm being too tough on her, i just look to the little kid houligans i see running wild all over the place and it makes my heart sing to know that my girls have great manners and are self sufficient....basic home training.


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