Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Project Life: Week 5

Ry was obsessed with coloring. Ever since she got this tiny table from Trey's grandmother for Christmas, she has been a little independent machine. She loves to color. We've had this coloring book for only a few days, and every page is colored on! 

Hello, hovering dog!!! I love that he is practically drooling over her food while she is playing with it.

 And, this my friends, is what my daughter does when she needs to be changed. She grabs a diaper, prances to wherever I am, and lays down in the floor like she would on her changing table. Okay, sassy, I got it. Perhaps, you could tell me 3 minutes sooner and we could go to the potty??

On Saturday, we hung out at my Dad's with him and his new girlfriend and rode around outside on the gator. We went to get milk to make hot chocolate. No milk. We went to get snacks in his pantry. Expired Spaghettios. Really, Dad? They were from '09!!!! I guess I need to add grocery shopping for him to my to-do list ; )

Sunday, I baked these lovely Valentine's cupcakes and we had them for a {late} breakfast. Ryanne had thrown up the night before several times, so we stayed home from Church to avoid passing the bug along in the nursery.

This is her "buzz off" look. How can someone so small have so much attitude already? I love that her hair is finally long enough that it has a small, albeit visible, tiny little curl in the back.

As I speak, this sweet baby is catching up on her sleep. There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby. What, you say? She's not a baby anymore? Bite me.

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