Tuesday, March 6, 2012

33 Weeks

Drake is still growing away. He is certainly getting into my rib space a lot more lately. I have moments where it is very difficult to breathe, almost like he kicked my lung and I have to catch my breath. 

I only gained 1 lb at my last appointment, and I think that is 12 total so far. One day {maybe?} I'll remember to ask so I can get an official record for later babies. (Did I just say that?) 

These jeans are a pair of pre-maternity "fat" jeans and I actually wore them all day comfortably and buttoned. Which I found impressive. Or maybe that just says a lot about me on my "fat days" But we won't talk about that . . . 

I'm addicted to Icees lately. Poor Ryanne has probably had more than one too many lately because I always want one. We stopped at Sonic the other day & got a slush instead of our typical coke icee from the gas station and she was in shock because she didn't have a "rainbow cup" Silly girl! 

The other day we were all laying on the trampoline & Ry was admiring my belly button (or lack thereof). She points to it and says "Daddy, look what you did!" haha! If only she knew ; ) 

I go back to the doctor next Monday and will have my group B strep test done and then start the fun visits, just in case you thought there was any personal space left. 

We've been working hard on his nursery lately. His bedding finally came in, and I got his dresser and crib painted. I set up a shelf and I'm working on some artwork for his room right now. I have to find some knobs I like for his dresser & some small decor stuff and then hopefully I can share pictures of his nursery! Trey was working on a special part of his room the other day . . . 

Y'all can use your imagination if you don't already know what it is. I'll share the details later :) 

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