Friday, March 23, 2012

Are your bags packed?

Mine probably should be . . . but I haven't quite brought myself to do it yet. I do have a lovely list of things to pack, however. I thought I would share it and see if I'm forgetting anything.

It's been almost three years since I did this! There are some moments of the hospital stay with Ry that I remember like yesterday, but others not so much.

So far this is my list for round two . . . adapted slightly from round one ; )

  • Going home clothes (definitely still maternity clothes) - I brought non-maternity clothes with Ry because I really had not clue what I was in for. Trey had to go home & get me clothes. 
  • Snacks - We all know how important eating is! And to say the hospital food is not the greatest is a grand under statement. Not to mention how exhausted and hungry you are after labor (or I am) 
  • Laptop (and charger) - I need something to occupy my time!! 
  • Camera (and charger) - Everyone wants adorable baby pictures, right? I brought a video camera with Ry, but will be veto-ing that idea this time. I don't need video of that
  • Pillow(s) - I'll probably bring a couple this time around. The L&D was slammed the night I was admitted to have Ry and somehow "couldn't find me a pillow" Labor is uncomfortable enough without having to lay your head on a rolled up brick of a blanket. 
  • Make-up - Of course. I'd prefer a personal make-up artist come put it on for me so I look less like a bloated exhausted whale in newborn pictures, but I guess I'll take what I can get ; ) 
  • Cute pajamas - Hello, Victoria's Secret cotton pjs! They are high coverage, but easily accesible for nursing and when every one and their mom wants to prod at and examine your body post delivery. 
  • Robe and socks - Got to keep those feet warm . . .and of course you need a robe to cover up your rear until you can get out of that horrid gown. I would say to bring underwear, but I might just be looking forward to the lovely mesh panties the hospital gives you post-delivery. They really are amazing. It's rather pathetic how excited about them I am. 
  • Nursing bras and/or tanks - for obvious reasons . . . ease of access, let's say.
  • Flip flops or house shoes - I'll probably take both because who knows with Arkansas weather if it will be 90 or 40 when I deliver in April. Both are easy and on and off for swollen, tired feet and keep your feet off the germ-y hospital floor
  • Ponytail holders and/or headband - to tame the crazy hair
  • Boppy - this was really a lifesaver for supporting Ry when I was feeding her. I was just so tired and it helped majorly when I was holding her. 
  • Phone charger - It would be a tragedy if my phone died. How would I play on twitter? 
  • Hygiene stuff - shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, and the like. I'll be honest and say that I probably won't wash my hair while in the hospital. I hate blow drying it at home & the last thing I want to do hours after giving birth is get hot & sweaty again, but of course you'll want a shower and clean teeth :) 
  • Important documents - Don't forget a pen and notebook to write down important information as well as any health insurance or personal identification info that the hospital may require. You may also want to bring a folder to store all of the important new documents in. (Our hospital provides one, but some may not) 
  • A masseuse - Oh, maybe that was just in my imagination. It would be lovely if the hospital had one on staff, though. 
Moms, feel free to add to the list! My afternoon agenda includes packing Drake's bag so I'll probably be back to share my baby checklist. 

1 comment:

Bourg Family said...

I loved those mesh panties too except after a few days(I had 2 Cs) they made my heiny itch. TMI??? lol


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