Monday, March 19, 2012

Making a List, Checking it Twice

So the days are quickly approaching that we will have a second baby. {Um, what?} I've been slowly gathering a list of things I "need" and checking them off so that we are ready once Drake decides to join us. Here are some of the things I have on my must buy list. If there is anything else you think is essential, please share!
The Fisher Price rock n'play snugabunny sleeper is definitely on my must list. I feel like it will be the perfect combination to keep Drake off the floor and away from toddler fingers, but great for him to sleep and I can easily transport outside or to a different room in the house depending on where Ry and I are. 
After rave twitter reviews, I decided to go with this Ameda purely yours ultra pump vs a medela pump. Numerous people have told me that lactation consultants prefer it over medela & highly recommend it so I'm excited and hope it works out well for us. I bought a very cheap inefficient one with Ry and I'm convinced it led to the short amount of time I continued to pump after I went back to work. I hope this investment helps this time around. 
This time around, I chose to go with this Safety 1st diaper pail. We used a diaper genie with Ryanne, but really wasn't pleased with it. Between constantly buying refills for it and it's inefficiency at smell management, I hope this one works out better. It takes regular trash and/or grocery bags & has a deodorizer right in the lid so I have high hopes for it. 
I've stocked up on the faithful colic calm once again. It worked miracles for Ryanne so I of course had to buy some to prep my medicine cabinet again. 
I've decided to try the avent pacifiers and the adorable wubbanub this time around. I was a faithful mam user with Ry but I'll be honest, I really want to carry around one of these cute creatures! 
Twitter tells me this miracle blanket is well, a miracle, so I have to try it out. 
In an effort to be more "green" I've decided to try out these tommee tippee bottles, too. I used playtex drop in bottles with Ryanne (and probably will still use them some) but there were times that not having a solid bottle was annoying, especially when traveling so I decided to give these a try too. 

Of course we have the old faithful necessities, such as a car seat, diapers, pacifiers, diaper cream, wipes, etc but please feel free to share anything you found to be a necessity. 


Andrea said...

I never used the rock n' play sleeper, but I definitely will for my next, they seem so handy! I used both the Medela and the Ameda and I liked them both equally. Have you tried the nap nanny? I didn't use one with my daughter, but I think I will for the next. How exciting!

Bourg Family said...

Loved the Nap Nanny, but be prepared Ry will want to be in it w/ Drake. ;-) I wanted one of those cute paci thingys too, but C only wanted the avent paci that didn't work w/ that...If he starts to get really bad diaper rash Calmoseptine worked wonders for Hadley. You have to ask the pharmacist for it, but it's not Rx. It's for bed sores & it cleared her right up. Also, love the Halo sleep sack w/ the removable "swaddler"

Ashley E. said...

I've heard the rock and play is awesome!!!


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