Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pinspired: Thanks a Latte

I have about 6,372 things pinned on Pinterest that I intend to do. You know, with all my free time.

Friday was teacher appreciation day at Ryanne's school so it was the perfect opportunity to make the cute "Thanks a Latte" card everyone with Pinterest has seen floating around.

what I used:
  • 5x7 thanks a latte print found here (I printed mine at my house because I was too lazy to go pick up a print) 
  • a coffee sleeve (I used the backside of one from starbucks)
  • cardstock - I used green and pink to make it bright and cheery! (and to avoid said trip to the store mentioned above) 
  • ribbon (The original one used twine, but remember said trip to the store??) 
  • stapler and double sided tape 
  • gift card for starbucks 
I hope that Ry's teacher loves it, but then again what toddler teacher doesn't love caffeine? 

You can find the original idea and directions here

Pinspired Thursday

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