Monday, November 15, 2010

Miscellany Monday: School

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

  1. I am so tired of being a career college student. I should be graduating this year. But I'm not. What a sad day. But good news: I got married and had a beautiful baby along the way. Way more meaningful than a silly piece of $50,000 paper. 
  2. Trey kept Ryanne today. There are mashed up marshmallows all over my hardwood floors. Pink and green marshmallow slime is a good accent to cowhide, isn't it? 
  3. Hubs suggests that we should get pregnant. Why even go there? Shoot me now. Why don't you just poke my heart out with a dull knife. And put salt inside. I want nothing more than to be pregnant right now, but aghhhh! It's just not in the cards today. Or tomorrow, unfortunately. 
  4. There is a 83 year old lady in the front row of my anatomy class. I wonder how she got into college. Don't you have to pass the ACT first? Or some sort of intelligence test? Oops, I mean don't you have to know not to ask 9,327 questions that makes class 11 times longer than it should be and doesn't teach anyone anything other than you have a big mouth. (Lord, forgive me but I had to say that) 
  5. I am supposed to get up at 6 AM on Saturday to register for classes. Isn't being a junior supposed to provide you with privileges, not punishment? 
Okay, so I shared lots of complaints. The end. But seriously, I am really grateful for opportunities and all that mumbo-jumbo stuff I'm supposed to say. I'm frustrated with life today. Well, just college life. But Holly loves me, so all is well in the world.

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