Sunday, January 9, 2011

18 Months Old

Wow, where has the time gone?? You have grown so much even in the last month, and it never ceases to amaze me the things you learn in an instant.

  • You learned to say No and Stop, and they are your new favorite words. We hear them all the time, and you have started getting several spankings for telling mommy and daddy no at inappropriate times. I love that you are learning to exert your independence though. 
  • You still LOVE to read. Every time you see a book, you have to pick it up and read it. Green Eggs and Ham is your favorite. Daddy and I have memorized most of the book and can "read" it without even looking at the pages. 
  • You absolutely love sitting in your chair from Christmas. You get your juice and a toy or a book, and prance over there and sit down like you own the World.
  • It snowed this weekend, and you started putting your gloves on your feet thinking they were socks. ADORABLE.
  • You got new Pooh house shoes and love to wear them. Even if it is on your hands half of the time. 
  • You love to put on Daddy's fire boots, and Mommy's cowboy boots and prance around the house. 
  • Mommy decided to experiment with potty training this month, and got impatient and gave up. Actually, you learned much more than I gave you credit for. Without any help from Mommy you have started letting us know you have to go and have since went to the potty several times. I'd say we are well on our way! 
  • We built your very first snowman, and you got to see your very first (actual) snow. We had some ice last year, though. 
  • You colored your very first picture at school. Mommy was so proud. 
  •  You are still wearing 2T clothes mostly, and size 4 diapers. Your clothes are starting to fit better in the waist, now. You wear a size 6 shoe, but I think we'll soon be moving up to a 7.
  • We saw a newborn for the first time since you were a baby this month, and you LOVED it. Tell Daddy he needs to work on you a little brother ; ) 
  • You are so adventurous and love to climb on everything from the swingset to your play kitchen to our counter height chairs.
  • Your check up is Friday, so I'll have to come back and update with measurements then! I think you're around 25 lbs, and probably 38 in or so. Let's see how close I am.

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