Sunday, January 30, 2011

Memphis Zoo

Saturday is was a lovely 68 degrees (Is it really January?) So we decide to make the trek over to Memphis and visit the Memphis zoo. The last time we went, I was 40 weeks pregnant with Ryanne, and we did everything we could to try and encourage labor : ) 

 Trey and I inside the zoo almost 19 months ago

40 weeks (and 1 day) pregnant with Ryanne. We had walked what seemed like 20 miles with hopes that labor would follow. We also spent hours on a trolley after the Fourth of July fireworks at Mud Island. 
 I just love how observant and interested she is in everything.

They were watching the grizzly bears eat lunch
 The wolves were part of the new Teton Trek exhibit, which was still in it's "coming soon" phase the last time the two three of us visited. 

 But Mom, Why can't I ride like this? 

 Elk, also a part of the Teton Trek exhibit. Trey says "Do you think they could've picked a scrawnier elk?" Ha! Babe, I don't think they had intentions of people hunting them, which I'm sure is what was running through his mind when he said that. 

 The gorilla was amazing to Ryanne. I couldn't get her to say gorilla, but finally got "mokey" out of her. 

 The panda was going to town eating some bamboo. Maybe I'm imagining things, but I really thought the pandas were bigger when we were there two years ago. Then again, maybe it was my reflection in the glass that was bigger. Ha!

 The sea lion (not seal; they made that clear) show was pretty interesting. I loved all the tricks they could do. Ryanne wanted to play ball with them. She kept saying "ball. Ball, Momma, ball." 

We let her down to run free  burn off some energy and she was GONE. 

 But yet so sassy as she walked around. 

 I never knew there were warm weather penguins until the last time we visited this zoo. When we were there in 2009, I remember asking Trey how they hadn't died of a heat stroke. 

 I love these two faces!! 

Piggy back ride : ) 
 Lions, and, Tigers, and Bears, OH MY! 

 The 3 of us getting ready to leave. Some random lady was kind enough to take our picture, so I didn't bother to ask her to actually take one of my child smiling. 

Letting off a little steam outside the gates before we got back in the car for the drive home. 

This trip was so much fun, and a refreshing get a way for us after a coworker of my husband's passed away this past week. It really hits home sometimes when you realize that every day is not promised, and that we truly do need to live for today because there is no guarantee that tomorrow will be here.

Do not boast about tomorrow, 
for you do not know what a day may bring. 
~ Proverbs 27:1


Katie said...

You looked fabulous 40 weeks pregnant! What a fun zoo ya'll have! I was hoping to take my kids out to the zoo but I think with their sick germs they have right now the cold front will come through before they are better. We'll go from a high of 78 to a high of 39 eek!

Leigha said...

We lived across the street from the Memphis Zoo (when we were in the Target house) and frequented it quite often!! Wonderful zoo! :)


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