Saturday, April 9, 2011

21 Months

Another month, another set of milestones. I never really believed just how fast time flies until you came along, sweet girl! You amaze Daddy and I every day with each new thing you learn, and just how quickly you pick up on things. You only need to see something once, and you've got it.

You are wearing mostly a combination of 2T and 3T clothes depending on the length. We started potty training over spring break, and you did great right out the door! We still have a few accidents, but most of them are Mommy's "fault" or because I've let it slip my mind. I'll try to do better, promise.

You are still a little reader, just like Momma. When we go to Church, you cheer when we pull in the parking lot. You march into the nursery and open the book drawer, and go to reading. I hope that reading is a passion that you will always have! 

'Scuse me (Excuse me) is probably my favorite phrase right now. I emphasize how important it is for you to use your manners, but sometimes I coax you into saying that just because I love to hear it. You've learned to ask for a slush from sonic, and learned names for so much more food. It's wonderful to have you tell me that you want a pickle, instead of just you're hungry. 

You're in love with Aunt "Mee-gan" right now because she always takes you to see the horseys, and to swing outside. You two draw with chalk in the driveway for hours on end. 

We took you to the park's playground for the first time a couple weeks back, and you loved it once you learned to climb up and slide down. (The ladder is a little different than the one at our house.) You slid probably 100 times. Your smile can melt my heart no matter what is going on. 

You just loved spending time with your Pop (Trey's grandpa) when we went to visit a few weeks back. You made him crawl in the floor of the shop and read to you. I've never seen a bigger smile on his face. 

There really is so many new words that you've learned in the past month, there is no way I could remember to list them all. It is so amazing to watch your vocabulary blossom, and think that less than two years ago you were still in my belly. You still love school, and love to color and "chalk" with your friends.

There truly are no words that can express how much we love you, Ryanne. There is no better blessing in life than a child, and we cherish you each day. I pray that we provide everything you need and more, and that you will always adore me as much as you do today.


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