Saturday, April 23, 2011


I'm joining in on Neely's link up to share a trip down memory lane with you. Apparently I only have pictures from early childhood and high school, so that's what you get to enjoy. haha! 

This is me as a toddler, obviously : ) 

This picture has some crazy scratch on it, but it was too hilarious not to share. I think I was 3 or 4 here? 

Playing with the dogs at my grandpas 
Easter . . . 

This was 9th grade prom

This was one of my "senior" pictures taken way before I was actually a senior . . . I can't remember why. ha!

This is from my high school graduation speech . . .  

This is my Dad and I at homecoming my senior year of high school 

Spirit week. Only in Arkansas is Camo Day a part of spirit week. 

This was before senior prom. She threatened to leave my hair like this. ha! ; ) 

This was sometime in high school, I think. I couldn't get my boots off and my grandma thought it was hilarious. 

We went to a Razorback game for FCA during senior year. 

This is Trey, not me, but I thought it was too cute not to share. Who do you think Ryanne looks most like? 

And . . . this is Trey and I at high school prom. 

If you want to see everyone else's pictures, go visit Neely and have a good laugh : ) 


Katie said...

Nope Arkansas isn't the only place Camo week is part of spirt week - we had it in Texas too! Your homecoming dress is very pretty!

Melanee said...

ryanne is trey's clone. sorry! great pics!


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