Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happily ever after . . .

This week I had an interesting Challenge at Indie Ink Writing Challenge. My challenge was: Write a fairy tale involving a dragon, a tennis racket, and forgiveness.” I made it more into a modern-day fairytale/story. My challenge came from Supermaren. You can also read the response to my prompt for Cope

The flames roared through the air with a vengeance, wiping out everything in their path quicker than they had appeared.

Trees and flowers turned to ash. Bricks and mortar smoldered. The temperature rose as the flames roared. But it all went unnoticed.

Anna was playing in the garden with Claire, dancing around the yard playing a combination of tennis and kickball because their mother had instructed them not to get their dresses dirty. Rather than kicking the ball, the girls were using tennis rackets to hit it along the ground.

"Homerun!" Claire screamed, mainly as a distraction to Anna as she sprinted around the yard, tagging the saucers they had made into make-shift bases for their game.

Suddenly, the two girls noticed the smoke billowing from the Dragon lady's house. They stood in shock for a few moments, not sure what to do.

After watching for a few moments, the two girls dashed up the stairs to alert their mother.

Within moments, the firemen were honking their way into the neighborhood and started fighting the flames that were quickly consuming the dragon lady's house.

As they watched from afar, they tried to avoid her. She had always been crude and less than friendly to the girls.

As the firefighters carried the dragon lady out of her house, she was clinging to two small dolls. The firefighters escorted her to the curb as she wailed and squeezed the dolls.

The girls decided to comfort her despite her grouchy demeanor. While talking to her, she explained that she had twin girls like Anna and Claire that had died in a house fire years ago. She was clinging to their dolls. For the second time, fire had raged and ripped apart her life.

The girls realized that her impatience with them had been resentment to have her own daughters back. They forgave her for all of her "dragon lady" days, and through the next months as her house was rebuilt the girls were a part of every step.

The comfort of friendship with the girls inspired the former dragon lady to say farewell to her rude ways.

And they all lived happily ever after . . .

I wanted to write a story that I could one day share with Ryanne. Because Trey is a firefighter, I like to include that to make them a little more relatable and to make her see more of the good in the job rather than the fear as I sometimes do. 


supermaren said...

I think you were worried for nothing. This is a lovely story, and I'm glad you pulled your husband's job into the story as well. Welcome to the challenge!

Debra Ann Elliott said...

Great story. Stopping by from Indie.

Karla said...

Nice response to the challenge! Welcome to Indie Ink.


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