Saturday, April 16, 2011

Life lately . . .

Some days are more difficult than others. I'm still struggling with my emotions over the miscarriage. I have 3,241 questions running through my mind at any one moment. I am confident though that God's plan is better than mine, and that its best to trust him to get us through this.

This sweet smile helps bring me back to planet Earth and realize just how blessed we are. 

On Thursday, we took Ryanne back to the pediatrician. She went on Monday and had double ear infections and a sinus infection. Since then, she had developed a rash on her belly and around her mouth, so I was worried that she is allergic to amoxicillin like her Daddy. Good news is that it was not an allergic reaction!

Trey's grandpa had hernia surgery on Thursday, too, so we went across the street from her doctor's office to see him. He was doing well on Thursday, but isn't doing as well today. We went by again to check on him this afternoon. He has difficulties dealing with anesthesia and his stomach still hasn't "woken up" from the surgery. Hopefully it will soon, and he'll be able to come home.

Ryanne has decided that she wants to be super sassy lately. She has learned to say shut-up (courtesy of some kids in front of us at the roping last Sunday) and we're working hard to get that back out of her vocabulary.

She loves to sit like this and eat cheese and "crack-its" (crackers). 

She discovered a tube of my mascara this morning and helped herself to putting it on : ) She is so into copying everything we do lately. Last night, she spilled a cup of juice and I went to the bathroom to grab a towel. I came back and she had gotten one out of the kitchen and was wiping it up. I can't believe how fast she is growing up. But at least she's learning to clean, right? There is a good side ; ) 

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Katie said...

Poor girl with the ear infections & sinus infection all at once! Abby had an ear infection this week and it's no fun to see them in pain. So glad she didn't have a reaction to the medicine - Abby had one to it and was covered head to toe with a rash.

And too funny on the mascara! Isn't it just so adorable them copying & helping at this age!


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