Thursday, April 7, 2011

Things you Should Know . . .

I'm quite strange, er, unique. And there are just some things that are facts of my life that you need to know to be my friend. Or you can choose not to be my friend, but that would be tragic. {I promise I'm not conceited; I'm just teasing!}

I'm a meatatarian. Please don't hate me. I simply could not survive on vegetables.

On that note, the only vegetables I eat are corn, potatoes, watermelon, and cantaloupe. Argue with me all you want, but if they're grown in a garden, they ARE vegetables.

Despite my husband and late grandfather's addiction to westerns, I refuse to watch them. I think its a protest to all the times I was forced to watch them. Read: If there were reruns on, we watched westerns instead. Every. Single. Day.

I have a Mountain Dew addiction, but I don't drink coffee.

I have lived in Arkansas my entire life, in the same town {except when I was in Fayetteville for college}, but hope to move to Texas after I graduate from nursing school. Go Hogs!!

I have never had a cigarette or any illegal substance. I have probably only drank less than a gallon of alcohol in my life. And I only drink mixed drinks. I have to not be able to taste alcohol to drink it.

Our daughter, Ryanne Annaliece, will be 2 on July 9.

I'm type A. I need everything to be planned, and organized. I don't deal with chaos well.

Trey asked me out on dates for MONTHS before I agreed, and then it was only after coercion from a coworker. Thank God he was persistent!!

I changed my major six times after graduating valedictorian from high school. It's totally typical to need six years for a bachelor's degree, right?

I worked in banking for over 5 years in high school and college, but I'm pursing my master's degree in nursing so that I can be a nurse practitioner and/or nursing professor depending on where God leads us.

I love country music and cowboys. Wranglers {or cinch jeans} just make my heart warm.

I'm still madly in love with my husband after three years. He is my best friend and I'm so thankful to God for blessing me with him.

I eat salt on everything. And I mean everything. Pizza, macaroni, steak, popcorn, you get the idea.

I'm very sarcastic and I have a dry sense of humor. Blame it on my Dad.

I love country music. But old country music, REAL country music. Not Taylor Swift.

My resume was much more impressive when I graduate high school than it is today. Ha!

I'm not sappy. I don't cry during movies, and I didn't cry when Ryanne was born. Trey is totally the crier in our relationship. Don't say I told you so. I'll swear you're lying.

I'm a procrastinator. I like things my way. I'm bossy. And I'm demanding. But I'm working on it.

I'm terrified of roller coasters and water. Oh, and I can't swim.

I glow in the dark. But I've come to terms with it. Subconsciously, I think that's part of the reason I married Trey. He's part Indian, and that makes tan babies. Or at least so far it does.

I grew up on a Tennessee Walking Horse and beef cattle ranch, and spent my summers driving tractors and hauling hay. I hated didn't enjoy it most of the time, but today I'd give almost anything to be there again.

If you hate me, that's okay. I can't make everyone happy. And It's better to be myself and be hated for who I am than be loved for who I'm not : )


Niki said...

We're totally already BFF because I knew just about everything on this list. Ha!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

yea for persistent men!!! love my tx hubs! they don't make them any better!

aliciamarie911 said...

I'm totally bossy and persistent too. I've changed my major at least 4 times int he last 4 years, and I won't be finished with my B.S. until I have been in school for almost 6 years. The vegetebles you eat are the only ones I eat too. I can't stand lettuce, I call it "grass". I say if I wanted to eat grass I would go out in my back yard and eat it instead of paying someone $6+ for a "salad".

Amber said...

You sound awesome! :)
Your daughter has the cutest name too!
Can't wait to meet you!!

Angie said...

I am terrified of roller coasters too. I have been on a few and was freaking out the whole time!

Katie K. said...

I cannot wait to meet you twitter friend!

Ashlee said...

I love this! You and I have a good bit in common! I love that quote you ended with -- I have something very similar on my Facebook page. I hope school is going well, I graduate next month and just got a job in the ICU. Next stop -- masters program!!

Kendall said...

I went to undergrad in Arkansas too! Harding in Searcy! We actually have a lot in common, so I don't think you're weird at all!

Can't wait to meet you!

The Lovely One said...

My husband would agree with you on the music! He likes old country, he doesn't like anything that's current now.

I kinda like Taylor Swift. :)

Sober Julie said...

I've stopped by from TRDC and why would anyone ever hate you? You sound straight up sweet.
I love the pic of you on the tractor and while I think I've only seen a guy in Wranglers once in my life while visiting Dallas they do catch my eye ;)

Angie @ The Little Mumma said...

Nothing unlikable about you!

Teresa said...

I'm so glad to discover that watermelon and cantaloupe are veggies...thank you! :) Some other very interesting facts up there as well.


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