Monday, April 18, 2011

Church Easter Egg Hunt

Sunday afternoon, after our Church's Easter musical, we all went out to the park and had a picnic and Easter egg hunt. 

Ryanne had 3 baby cupcakes. Yes, I know, I'm mom of the year. 

I just love this picture. I was swinging Ryanne around in the air, and Trey was on the ball shooting away while I had no clue, but it made some adorable pictures. : ) 

Again, Trey's while-I-wasn't-paying-attention handiwork. 

Mom, there is candy in this egg!! 

She was too busy concentrating on eating the candy to hunt for eggs. 

I love this precocious precious girl! 

Running with starburst in hand, a girl after my own heart! 

Trey calls this the bossy shot. Ha! That's my job, right? 

She finally got the hang of it, and started actually picking up more than one egg. 

Oh, this is hard work Mom! (I didn't have the foresight to buy her a smaller basket other than her PB one that would actually be logical for her to carry. Mom of the year, yet again!) 

Our sweet family . . . maybe one day I'll coax Trey into taking a picture with no hat. Don't cross your fingers, though. 

The light of my life : ) Just in case you hadn't seen enough pictures of her yet in this post ; ) 


Melanee said...

yea for trey snapping pictures all sneaky like. i so wish i had more pics of me with my girls instead of them and my husband because i'm always behind the lens. very sweet leah.

Ashley E. said...

SOO cute!!! I love her dress and I love the family pic!!!


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