Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I'm Loving . . .

I'm loving . . . this watch because I never wear watches and it's logical for me to have one and all. 

I'm loving . . . this dress. Orange (or orange-ish red) is my favorite color. Enough said. 

I'm loving . . .  the support that all of you awesome guys showed me yesterday on my tough post. The comments and prayers are so greatly appreciated. 

I'm loving . . . this top from Go Jane for only $7!

I'm loving . . . that a couple of my professors announced that there would be no finals in their classes. I'm down to only 3 finals on the 24 hours I'm taking. Woohoo!

I'm loving . . . this adorable outfit. I think I'll wear it to Church on Sunday. What do you think?

I mean, seriously? Who in their right mind would buy this?? 

I'm loving . . . this women's designer clothing resale store in Little Rock, Plato's Closet. I bought 2 pair of Miss Me's and a pair of Seven jeans for less than $60!

I'm loving . . . this jumper. I just think they are so comfy. I don't usually wear them out of the house because most are less than flattering on my body, but oh they are heavenly.

I'm loving . . . that in about two weeks I will be packing up and heading to Dallas with Niki and Whitney! I just cannot wait.

And can I just say something? My twitter and Blog friends rock my socks off! You guys are such an awesome support system and amazing. I love y'all!


Whitney said...

Love the dress, top, and leopard outfit (HOT!!) ;). And I am soo excited for Dallas! Love you, Leah! :D

Whitney said...

P.S. Please wear the leopard outfit when we are in the big D. I bet you'll get compliments.

katmcd said...

I was seriously concerned about the leopard outfit. That is ridiculous.

Brittany said...

I love the watch!

Greer's Gossip said...

Hahahahahaha, that leopard print outfit made me laugh so hard! I think that is a fabulous pick for church on Sunday! But seriously, I do love that watch!

LC said...

That leopard print outfit is hilarious!!

Beth McC. said...

that God Jane top is CUTE and I wont lie I got a little embarrassed when I scrolled past the leopard suit!!

Tiff said...

I love that dress.. I am fan of anything with pockets!! :) Super cute blog!

*Kelly* said...

LOve the dress!!

Thank you for sharing that post from yesterday.

Jillian said...

I love that dress!! And I have the cheetah outfit sitting in my closet ;)

Andrea said...

i absolutely love that dress!!! Where did it come from?? Also, I love your blog design, super cute! I need a new design in a bad way!
~Andrea @ Life in Dawleywood


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